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Centralized bot platform to manage all your analytics and conversation flows.

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Why MonoSay?

Analytic Data

Have control over all the data coming through your bot.

No Extra Back-end

Keep all the data in one place without needing an external database.

Session Management

Have control over visibility. Categorize all your session data. Continue from the last place.

A Centralized Bot Platform

Platforms MonoSay Support

var restify = require('restify');
var builder = require('botbuilder');

// ...
var monosay = require('monosay').usebotframework("YOUR_MONOSAY_TOKEN");
// ...

Importing the library is as easy as it is.

One Platform to
Manage All Your Bots

MonoSay is the one centralized platform to manage and track all your bots. Keep all your analytics in one place and get detailed results. It is currently being used in many countries.


Supported Platforms


Daily Active User Capacity

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Try MonoSay for your bots - to collect all the analytics, to make session management, to keep everything together in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data of the same bot in different platforms merged in MonoSay?
Yes, they’re all collected together in one chart. You can also categorize and separate them.
What is different in MonoSay than other similar platforms?
There is no platform (yet) collecting and keeping all the data in same place for all your bots from all bot platforms.
Can I use an external database?
Yes, you can. But you can also store all your data in MonoSay without needing an external database.
Can I watch live conversations?
Yes you, can. You don't need to worry about refreshing the page.

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